Beat that Boss

All you have to do is do eni-mini-minie-moe (you and the computer) to see how many coins you get. (You do that after you answer a question I give out right) If it lands on you, you get 5 coins. If computer, 20 coins. There is a shop for items. You use those items and work with your team to beat bosses 1-5. Once you beat the final boss (Bowser), we can start again with new people!

First Boss: Piranha Plant
Attacking Starts: 4:30 pm Eastern
Items: Smack Backpack (3 coins), Water (10 coins), HP Gainer (13 coins)
Question: Is Luigi Green or Red?

Everyone has 10 HP for the battle. Piranha Plant has 15 HP. Once the battle starts, throw items at him! :bowser: will be waiting!
QuizmoManiac said:

Correct! Here's 30 coins!

Coins: Founder
HP: Founder

Coins: 30
HP: 10

Coins: Boss
HP: 10

Oh, forgot to mention... the date battling starts. Wednesday.