TripleSpeedRunners Mario vs. Marathon for DC Outreach


Hi, I'm Mike from TripleSpeedRunners. We are hosting a 72 hour Mario Vs. Marathon featuring 20 of the best Mario games from Super Mario Bros. on the NES to Super Mario Galaxy 2 and everything in between! Check it out at and help us raise money to support DC Outreach. DC Outreach is an organization that deals with the extremely rare genetic disease called Dyskeratosis Congenita. Every $10 you donate will enter you in a drawing to win a Red Nintendo Wii Bundle! All you have to do is donate and a 25th Anniversary of Mario Red Wii could be yours! We will be speed running to beat the games as fast as we possibly can in a race against another team known as Ocean City Trinity. It all starts Friday, January 14th at 6 PM. It’s going to be exciting! Check out TSR’s homepage and for more details!

This is our fourth marathon, and it's going to be a good time.

Also, check out the promotional video for our marathon!