Music Arrangement Suggestions


welcome to the hotel waluigi
Okay, long story short, I'm taking a music class and we're beginning arrangements. Do any of you have any suggestions for possible Nintendo music I could do a simple arrangement of, preferably from Mario or Pokémon? I'd pick one myself, but I have too many favorites and can't decide. Oh, and I suppose a Muse song wouldn't be rejected either.

The arrangements are kind of simple, I'm only doing a piano and one other instrument.


The Cardinal is dead -- long live The Cardinal!
Try some Earthbound stuff. The series has fantastic music.


Celestial Guide
What about this song? It's repetitive and simple and I almost learned how to play it on the piano by ear. Doing an arrangement of it shouldn't be too hard...


welcome to the hotel waluigi
I don't care about the difficulty of it, since I don't actually have to play it. But what I meant by simple is that there can't be too many voices since it's for two instruments only.

I've found a few online and I need to narrow it down. I have Gusty Garden, Super Mario World Athletic Theme, G/S/C Champion Battle, and the Silph Co. theme. Also, suggestions are still welcome.