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Hello! Here is me with great news: the Nintendo World 2011 event will have a live streaming via this site:

Now, for the FAQ:

What is the Nintendo World 2011 event?
A cool event made at Tokyo, Japan where there will be game trailers, lots of new things, demos of future games and, mostly, 3DS demos to play!

When is the event?
The event will be done from January 8th to January 10th 2011 beginning at 10am Japan time (+9:00) (Any doubts? Check our Time Zone Converter

What will be on display?
Nintendo will reveal a full list just before the show, but games like Paper Mario 3DS and Mario Kart 3DS are confirmed to have videos (maybe trailers).

Have fun and enjoy the live streaming! ;)

All credit to Nintendo 3DS
Than it's nice that I know this just 2 days before. (-_-)
Mason: Find me a category to post then.
GoD: Nope. It will be in a few hours. Check your time zone.
>>Mario Fan 123
I almost thought it was January 5th, thanks for awaking me! Σ(゜д゜|||)
I see it's at 3:00 AM in my time zone.
I can't watch it!
Oh... That's bad. :'(

So may somebody move the thread to Handheld Gaming?
>>Mario Fan 123
I wasn't looking good:
10:00:00 Saturday January 8, 2011 in Asia/Tokyo converts to
02:00:00 Saturday January 8, 2011 in Europe/Amsterdam

Still can't watch, though.
I bet you got this off of the Nintendo3DS Youtube page :eek:
Edit: Unneeded - He kinda knew that.
It will be 10pm here when the event begins, so I'm kinda lucky.
N: I am a user at the 3DS Forums and YouTube. But I got from the forums and not from YouTube, still.
It starts at 6:00 PM here so I am the most luckiest of the charms!
This site only features PICS of the stream.
Box, style, boxart base and few 3DSs where shown together with some boxarts of some games (unfortunately, no Mario :mario:, but it has Professor Layton!) and lots of people.
In the event, Mii Studio was shown with two funny Japanese guys and the presenter of the event. After that, Video Game Music Live was shown and then the boxarts (yay)!
Anyways, this is the interesting part: For the real stream, with videos and not pics, check out this link:

Thank you and happy streaming! Oh, and N (SilverArmStudios) is also confirmed to be on the stream's chat, together with me (TheSuperMarioFan123). :)
We're waiting you for the next day of the show. Arigato and sayonara!