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This thread is about you asking about you asking a question about a Nintendo related game I will try to answer it. The question has to be fairly factual. Questions like "Is Squirtle better than Bulbasaur". Although questions like "Is Squirtle better than Bulbasaur at learning more powerful moves?" Questions like those are excepted. Try to include as much info in the question as possible because it makes answering so much easier. Hope I can help. If my instructions did not help or you don't them or something went wrong and you didn't get the answer you wanted than just pm me and I'll see if I can help.

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Max HP 200
Attack 8
Defense 2
Location(s) Pit of 100 Trials
Log The oldest brother of Hooktail. He's just bones now. He's incredibly tough... Maybe even the toughest?
Items None
Moves Dangerous Breath (8; burn (orange), sleep (white), confusion (green), shrunk (purple), frozen (blue)), Recover (20 HP), Stomp 8 ), Chomp 8 )

Obtain the charge badge and put it on. Before battling bonetail buy or obtain lots of life shrooms and ultra shrooms for reviving and health. When you battle Bonetail go into the tactics menu and select charge. Marios attack power should go up by one for each charge. Once your flower power is down to 10 from charging you should start to use super bounce on Bonetail. While you are gathering up charge and you are low on health use a healing shroom. I recommend learning to super guard (pressing the b button when attacked) against bone tails attacks. Superguarding is very valuable in this battle because it negates all damage done. The only time this doesn't work is on Bonetails bite attack. I also recommend learning how to do at least 10 power bounces in a row because each power bounce should do the amount of FP you used to charge. If I estimate correctly you should be doing 30-40 damage to Bonetail per bounce. Good luck!
Sorry Flubber but I specifically stated that for your question to be answered it had to be Nintendo related but in this case I'll make an exception because your a buddy of mine. Next time please ask about a Nintendo related game.

Angry Birds (level 5-21):
Tactic A)
If your willing to spend 99 cents than purchase a mighty eagle than your guaranteed a win. If you get one and use it you are guaranteed to complete that level with full stars.
Tactic B)
With the first bird try to hit the outer lower part of the first pillar so that it tumbles down on the pigs. This will crush most of the pigs in the first and inside of the castle. Next take out the upper pillar in the middle section with your next bird. Use another bird to take out the remaining upper compartment. Than use your last two birds to destroy the lower two compartments.

Hope this helped
Thanks dude. Okah... Nintendo... What is best tactic to beat Prankster Comet of Grandmaster Galaxy?
Sorry I couldn't write it down but I think it would be better if you watched this video. As they say a picture is worth a thousand words. Ok Flubber here is the answer to your question in a video.
How do you get the sword when you are Wolf Link in The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess?
First you must get the sheild and jump out the window. Rusi will hear the splash and start investigating. Avoid him and his wife. Dig inside and the sword will be on the couch.