Misheard Lyrics


Da f***, Rosalina?
Post some misheard lyrics from your favorite songs that you thought were correct for the longest time, or lyrics you like to sing for fun. Be sure to post the song, artist, and the original lyrics.

Here are some of my favorites:

Original: "She hides true love en su bolsillo" (Spanish for "In her pocket")
Misheard: "She hides true love, super seal"
- "Alejandro" by Lady Gaga

Original: "Yeah, you PMS like a b*tch I would know"
Misheard: "Yeah, you pee a mess like a b*tch I would know"
- "Hot N Cold" by Katy Perry

And now, for the one that always has me and my friends on the floor. I actually got this one from a YouTube video. Whenever we play this song on Just Dance 2, I sing this and they can't concentrate for the rest of the song! XD

Original: "Come Mr. DJ, song pon de replay"
Misheard: "Come Mr. DJ, some bunny raped me"
- "Pon De Replay" by Rihanna

So what are some of your funniest misheard lyrics?
I Want To Hold Your Hand - The Beatles: I get High, I get High, I get hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh

when they actually said

I can't hide, I can't hide, I can't hiiiiiide.
Some funny or interesting mishearings of mine I can think of from the top of my head:

In "Everything" by Alanis Morissette, I was convinced that the line "You see all my light, and you love my dark" was, in fact, "...and you love my dog" until I found the real lyrics. I thought it was about bestiality or something.

In Sting's "Englishman In New York", I was certain that the singer was not a "legal alien" like in the actual lyrics, but a "lethal" one. Space alien, that is. I was actually kind of sad when I found out that he's only singing about immigration.

The Speed Racer theme has the main character "revving up the powerful Mach Five", as I only found out after looking up the lyrics; I was sure it was "the power of Hawaii", which used to make me wonder what on earth that was and what it had to do with racing.

"Song For Sophie" by Aura Dione has the repeated line "I hope she flies"; I was convinced she was saying "I hope she dies". Ironically, it makes the song a lot more interesting by making the singer seem like a psychopath, what with the cheerfulness and all. What's rather worrying is that my "boyfriend" at the time was cheating on me with another girl when I misheard it like that :|

I find it fascinating how many misheard lyrics actually make some degree of sense and how they can change the way one feels about the song. I'm guessing these things have a lot to do with psychology, actually; I don't know if anyone ever did any research on that, but it would be really interesting.
Purple haze all in my brain
lately things don't seem the same
Acting funny and I don't know why
excuse me while I kiss this guy

Apparently, the lyric being misheard was so prolific, and Jimi Hendrix found it so funny, that he would sometimes sing it that way in concert on purpose--sometimes even pointing to or pretending to kiss one of his other bandmates. I think the version of Purple Haze on GH: World Tour is like that, actually.

Another favorite of mine is "There's a bathroom on the right" from Bad Moon Rising ("There's a bad moon on the rise").
Sharks Territory said:
"Smells Like Teen Spirit", by Nirvana.

Yep, no idea what the lyrics are. Love the Weird Al parody of it, though. xD

Tokoyoto said:
Another favorite of mine is "There's a bathroom on the right" from Bad Moon Rising ("There's a bad moon on the rise").

Always heard that, too.

Not a really funny one, but I still can't decide for the life of me: In "Animal" by Neon Trees, does it say "Say goodbye to my heart tonight" or "Take a bite of my heart tonight?" OR BOTH?