new years eve 2011


Shine Sprite
wat are you guys doin' for new years eve TWO THOUSAND EE-LEVAN?

me im going to do nothing (unless something comes up like someone texts me for a partay... forever alone ;_;) u jelly?
I'm watching Kouhaku.
Watching people who use fireworks, and going to the centre of my city.
I'm doing nothing....
Well I'm skiing in the day time
Maybe watching fire works...
It's 2011 in less than 6 hours from now.
It really feels like 2009 is about to begin, IMO.
I'm not really big on going out on New Years' Eve, and since fireworks are illegal here, I'll just be at home playing video games and eating various snack foods.
A lot of people used Belgian fireworks here.
They're God Damn hard, but at least the music was loud enough to avoid the hospital.

Fireworks are illegal in your country?
Never knew it could be illegal at all.
Oh, forgot to tell, at New Year's eve, I just drunk some wine, cola and ate Kebab at various cafe's.
And now I'm drinking some more wine at home.
It was great, etc., but they could better use the Dutch fireworks, which are better for human healthy, IMO.
I mean, the Belgian ones were to extreme.

And no, I'm not drunk, and don't plan to.
At least I didn't have to drive a car, so I could do that, but I decided to not to.
I mean, I'm a Goddess, remember?
Goddess of Death said:
Fireworks are illegal in your country?
Never knew it could be illegal at all.
They're only illegal in certain areas, actually. I just happen to live in one of those areas.

Mason said:
I'll stay up past midnight for tradition's sake but I'm not going to watch any countdowns.
I think the last time I watched a countdown was Y2K, lol.
My parents and I are having some friends over. BTW, happy new year to everyone.

Otherwise, not much. Going to relatives tommorow.
Fireworks are that legal here, they begun 3 days before New Year using them.
They used it yesterday (31th) a lot, and now they're still using it, while it's locally 2:51 AM.
I'm feasting for New Years!
Fireworks aren't illegal anywhere in Canada!
Yes, everything that's legal or illegal in one area, also counts for all the other areas here.
As far as I'm aware, apart from bang snaps, fireworks are illegal before and after the New Year's Eve celebrations here in Germany (well, illegal for personal use at least, stuff like rockets and such are allowed for professional public events that require them), but legal (country-wide, afaik) during them, apart from those that are deemed too "extreme", which can't even be bought unless you illegally import them. Not that it'd matter much if fireworks are legal or not as most people can't afford them either way. Fireworks before midnight were practically non-existent, while those past midnight were remarkably sparse and lasted for about 15 minutes in total. I have to say the Stormwind celebrations in the afternoon were actually more exciting than anything that went on in reality around here, which is quite a sad statement. At least I got to eat fattening foods for six hours straight :3

In any case, Happy New Year to everyone who's here in 2011 with me already :p
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As for New Year's resolutions, I have none.

As usual.

Take that!