Epic Mickey

But the physics, aiming, and camera is crap.
Okay, now that I have actually played and beaten the game at least once, I can safely say I love this game. Yes, the controls get a little frustrating at times, especially the camera, but it never seems like a deal-breaking, IMO. It's frustrating, but I got no more frustrated than when I play Super Mario Galaxy 2 or Donkey Kong Country or any other game I keep losing at. Also, the health system and death are almost completely pointless since you have unlimited lives and can never get a game over.

But what I thought was rather disappointing was the cast they chose. I know they're going with the idea that these characters are either forgotten, unused, or early drafts of characters, but quite a few of them are pretty well-known, at least by Disney fans. Horace Horsecollar and Clarabelle Cow are good examples, though Warren Spector DOES say they're supposed to be the "black and white" versions, but I feel like that's a cop-out, because Horace and Clarabelle were in colored cartoon. Horace even states in the game he was in The Concert Band, which was colored. But really, Horace just rocks, so I'm glad he was in the game at all, even though all he does is give you sidequests...

Also, Smee. Everyone knows Smee, he's Hook's right-hand, although Hook himself wasn't in the game, instead it was an animatronic Hook. But still, what kind of "early version" of Smee is this? All the other pirates make sense seeing as they didn't really do much of anything, but Smee...

And Pete, of course I wanted him to be in the game, and it's pretty much how I expected him to be. Mostly. See, there are multiple versions of Pete throughout the game, and the only one glaringly different from the rest of them is... Pete Pan. A Pete version of Peter Pan. Who claims to have been created for the sole purpose of fighting the Animatronic Hook. Did they really have to go with Pete on that one?

And then there's the Phantom Blot. Oh, I'm sorry, I mean to say the SHADOW Blot. So at first he was called the Phantom Blot, to associate him with the classic character from the comics and a few cartoons, even though the character in the game has nothing to do with the original character other than being evil and associated with ink... sort of. But then they go and change his name, probably because they decided not to go with that route. And I actually like that, because I think the Phantom Blot has too much potential to be just a mindless monstrosity. Yes, I know, Warren Spector doesn't like the character because in his debut he only stole cameras and was kind of a lame villains, but that's not the only version of him! Yeah, this game goes about saying there are multiple versions of certain characters and such, but they seem to have forgotten that (particularly in Europe, I heard) the Blot is something of a Doctor Doom of Mickey's world, an ultimate villain for Mickey to truly test his wits against! Why didn't they go with that? Or at least included a similar character like that?

In fact, why not include more characters that originated from the comics? Most people don't read them, and introducing them here would have been perfect!

Okay, so this is nit-picking, but really, if this is supposed to be about forgotten aspects of Disney, they really could do a lot more! I can think of quite a few other characters that haven't been seen in years! ...Like Peter Pig! Yeah, he was only in 2 cartoons, they Wise Old Hen (Donald Duck's first cartoon) and The Concert Band. And how about Mortimer Mouse? Yeah, he was in the House of Mouse and such, but just go with the excuse that he's an old version of Mortimer, or a prototype of what Mickey would have been or something like that. There's plenty to work with and do!

...Or maybe they're just waiting for the sequel. Yeah, a sequel, that sound great! Not only does it give them a chance to include forgotten characters, cartoons, and themes that they didn't include in this game, it also gives them a chance to iron out the bugs and improve the camera and platforming stuff from this game! It could only get better with a sequel, you know. Not to mention, they kind of hinted at a sequel in one (or more, I'm not sure) of the endings.

So in the beginning of the game, Mickey was swallowed by the Shadow Blot, or what we think was the Shadow Blot, and it's shortly afterward revealed some of the Blot rubbed off on him, as indicated by the drops of ink/paint/whatever floating off of him. This is never addressed or brought up again, and it has no impact on the game itself other than visuals... And THEN the final thing show in the gem is the tip of Mickey's fingerturning into ink/paint/whatever, meaning that he still has some of the Blot's powers...

And then there's the Mad Doctor, who's managed to escape when he was confronted.
But not before revealing that he's part animatronic and vows the be the conqueror of the Wasteland.
Actually, this is anothing nit-picky thing, but technically, as shown in the lone cartoon he was in, the "Mad Doctor" is actually Dr. XXX. Watch it for yourself and look next to the entrance of his castle to see his name.

So yeah, plenty of possibilities for a sequel. Not to mention, Spector himself said Epic Mickey was originally planned to be a trilogy, so it's not completely out there! In fact, this could be the chance for Warren Spector to get to know the cooler Phantom Blot and properly introduce him in the sequel! Okay, maybe that's going to far, but dammit, I want it to happen! I want a sequel! And I'll by all the Epic Mickey merchandise I can in order to make it happen!