How did your character, fan character or fursona come to be?

Kyoko Sakura

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My first character was Lil Spark. My next characters were a purple Mario and a completely black Mario except with red eyes but I don't remember which was first. Then my character was a red-hatted (not hanging down) Magikoopa with a red shirt, black suspenders and black shoes. My next character was my current character but with a normal Magikoopa hat and no brown hair. When I started using my real name as my screen name I gave him a hanging down hood. A few years later I gave him brown hair and that's it.


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Re: How did your character, fan character or furry come to be?

My characters aren't based on anything.
YamiHoshi < Yami = Darkness and Hoshi = Star, so it's something between the good thing and the bad thing.
Root < Actually no character, but something compared to Administrator on Windows.
Goddess of Death < From Yami, the Goddess of Death.


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Re: How did your character, fan character or furry come to be?

I have Stealth the Hamster, who's a character.
and you can call him a furry. He's humanlike.
He has shadow powers, and his archenemy is Dr. Samuel "Eggface" Reyez.


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I just like Chuck Quizmo...and Wigglers
So Mason made a sprite of him.


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Re: How did your character, fan character or furry come to be?

Mason said:
Besides my Magikoopa, I have a human persona.

He's only for people who only draw humans or for projects that require original characters. My sister and I came up with him around 2006.
As creepy as that is, Ilike it!


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Vellisia Enuvientu Nakia (or Vellisia, daughter of Enuvien; she's the dragoness in my avatar and my deviantART gallery, but you probably guessed that) started out as a character in a fantasy book I wrote (which I still haven't gotten published Dx); an extremely minor character, interestingly. Her main purpose in the book is to provide some comic relief in a few chapters mainly by being the "Big Eater"; I didn't really have many plans for the character besides that originally. I really don't know when I took such a liking in her that I decided to make her my online representation, but I've been using her as such for quite a while now. Coincidentally, she's also really fun to draw :3


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My character originally started out as a quadrupedal black dragon with a white mane, which I later changed to green for no reason I can recall right now. Back then I used a dark shade of purple to set highlights for the black color. Over time the highlights became more and more the main color, and since I realized that black dragons were sort of cliched anyway, I just changed it to flat-out purple. Also, I have an unhealthy obsession with RPG archetypes, so I eventually redesigned the character to be more mage-like in appearance and demeanor.

I guess that's the nutshell version.

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My character started out as randomly recoloring Wario in photoshop.

The end.