Mario Strikers Charged Friend Codes


PM Pro
Name: Wayoshi
Captain: Yoshi
Sidekicks: Hammer Bro, Monty Mole, Boo
Overall Record: ~35-50 as of this posting
Friend Code: 339411 936608

Don't underestimate me; I'd love a 3-game set!! No cheats, though.
Name: Mario
Captain: Bowser Jr., ocassionaly Luigi or Petey.
Sidekicks: Boo, Hammer Bro., Dry Bones
Overall Record: Don't feel like saying.
Friend Code: 339411 936608

Dont have Wifi

Name: Forgot >.>
Sidekicks:Birdo, Hammer Bro, Toad
Name: Johnny
Captain: Wario
Sidekicks: boo, toad, hammer bro
Record: 33-15
Wii friend code: 133260-286027

im pretty good so be prepared for a challenge
friend code

i'm getting really frustrated with the friend code bullshit but i'm gonna try to get as many friend codes as i can so here's mine

120379 543003
I don't care if it's a necrobump, a new thread isn't needed. :P

Name: Scorpion
FC: 245006 923364
Team: Bowser Jr. w/ Shy Guy, Boo, & Dry Bones
only add me if youre from Australia. too add me PM me.

Name: Brant
Captain: Mario (if needed Yoshi)
Sidekicks: Ussually Hammer Bro., Monty Mole, and Boo
Record: 0-4 (due to Major Lag)
FC: 060337 531583

i am pretty good at it ,but not Really Good
PM me your FC's and I will add you. I don't have a record because I don't go on wi-fi on that game that much.