Could somebody help me download these...?


Allo allo allo!

I have no idea how to download it. Could somebody download it and post here with the image?
Is your problem that the image is tiny or can you seriously not even download it?
Silly Mason said:
Krizzy said:
I tried that SEVERAL TIMES. All it says when I right-click it is "About Quicktime Plug-in", "Plug-in Settings", etc.
Ah, I hate it when that happens. Try a different Browser, try disabling Quicktime MIME settings and if all else fails, print screen the sprites and paste them in Paint.

Thank yooouu!!!
Krizzy said:
Okay. That's good sound advice.


Does anybody have a suggestion that isn't blatantly obvious‽

You know, it isn't his fault if you fail to describe what you have done already. Or anything for that matter.