221 B Baker Street Game Cancelled

This is a new game I made, and it is basically when 10 users sign up and they have to solve the mystery of the mini story. I don't care if you reinvent this game and make a second one, I like sharing my ideas. If you sign up, you will go to all the different places and each place will give you a clue to find out who was the murderer. Whoever guesses the correct answer first wins the game. Here is the story:

Mr.Babbles and Mrs.Babbles were out with there two friends Zoey and Xaiver. Xaiver owned a car business down town, and Zoey worked part time at the Elementary School. The four friends were out at a fancy restaurant.When Mrs.Babbles excused herself to go use the restroom, she heard lots of gunshots. She came back to find here husband on the floor, blood everywhere. The Waiter was there, out with his sketchpad, and Zoey and Xaiver were no where to be seen.

Places where you can investigate:
1.Zoey and Xaiver's House
2.The Babble's house
3.The Fancy Restaurant
4.Xaiver's Car Care
5.The Elementary School
6.The High School
7.The Bar
8.The Church
9.The Bank
10.Your house (221 B Baker Street)
11.The Fancy Restaurant Kitchen
12.The Clothing Store
13.The Pet Store
14.The Museum
15.The Park
16.The Graveyard

Sign Ups:
2.SpinyMaster347 (Rtas' Vadum)
6.Not A
Re: 221 B Baker Street Game 1

Somewhat, but not really. It's more hard, and you don't get cards. You just tell me in pm where you want to go, (only once a day though), and that spot gives you a clue, sometimes lousy, sometimes great. The first person to guess the murderer (you can do it anytime), wins.

Also the as much people can play as from 3-Infinate. And if you die, you learn who was the killer, and can't play anymore


~Massive Fangirl
Re: 221 B Baker Street Game 1

Is one of the sign-ups the killer?
Or will we get a list of suspects or something.
Anyways im in.
Re: 221 B Baker Street Game 1

No the killer is from the clues you get. More characters might be in it. Every user is like a detective trying to figure it out.


~Massive Fangirl
Re: 221 B Baker Street Game 1

ok so we have to find out the the suspects are or will you tell us?
Re: 221 B Baker Street Game 1

Well you know some of them from the story, but there will be more you have to investigate to figure out


~Massive Fangirl
Re: 221 B Baker Street Game 1

Cool you should advertise this to everyone so we can play. Unless we can play a 1-3 player :D


Dry Bowser
Re: 221 B Baker Street Game 1


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Re: 221 B Baker Street Game 1

Galaxy Man said:
Zoey from L4D?
No. I made up these characters and gave them random names. Who would be named Mr. Babbles. So does that mean you are signing up? If you like solving puzzles you will like this

Garlic Man

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Re: 221 B Baker Street Game 1

Zoey is the murderer.