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Angels and Demons is a party game in which players are divided into two teams.

It is like Mafia in the sense that it is a team game of strategy and wit, so if you enjoy those games, I gurantee you will have fun with this one. However it is a different game of its own, and should not be considered a game of mafia or even a variation of one.

Specific rules will be posted in a game thread when the game begins, but here is the basic outline:

There are two teams: Angels, and Demons

The whole game is based on one process; "Connecting." Connecting occurs when two members of the game agree to connect. When two Angels connect, a Holy Cross is formed for each player, and added to both players’ scores. The main objective of the game is to collect these crosses.

You cannot connect with the same player more than once.

When an Angel with no Cross and a Demon connect, the Angel becomes a Demon. No Cross is formed.

However, if the Angel is in possession of at least one cross, if he connects with a Demon, the Demon is then transformed into an Angel, while the Angel loses one cross as a price. The Angel, however, is still transformed into a demon.

If an Angel[Player A] with 2 crosses connects with a Demon[Player B], Player B is converted to an Angel while Player A is converted to Demon with 1 cross still left in his possession. Any Demon that has a cross can use it to convert himself to an Angel.

In review, here are the 4 basic processes of Connecting:
  • When two Angels connect, Crosses are created
  • If an Angel connects to a Demon, the Angel becomes a Demon
  • If a Demon connects to an Angel with a Cross, that Demon will become an Angel
  • A Demon with a Cross can revert to an Angel if he/she uses one of their own Crosses

Specifics such as game length, objectives, and formal instructions on how to play the game will be posted on a later Game Thread that will likely be started Mid-December. These things are actually dependent on how many people we can get to sign up. Like anything, the more people the better.

Until then, feel free to ask any questions about what might be unclear. This is the first time this game is being played on this forum, so it will take some learning, but once you "get it", the game becomes tremendously fun.

Also, there is no limit to how many people can play. Signups are open indefinitely for now.

1. Rtas' Vadum
2. MrConcreteDonkey
3. Zero777
4. New Super Mario
5. BaseballYoshi24
6. Marioguy1
7. BPK
8. QuizmoManiac
9. Rocker64
10. Villain11

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Re: ANGELS VS. DEMONS ---- Signups

I want in sounds fun!