Paper Mario Spriting


Allo allo allo!
:mario: Hello!

This is my first post on this forum, and actually this might be the second forum I've ever been on, so excuse me if I sound stupid/ignorant.

I've made this topic to try to get together some sprite sheets for THE ORIGINAL Paper Mario sprites. I make some comics with them. I've already made a few, although I haven't made very many. I'm currently looking for a good Paper DK sprite sheet and a Paper Waluigi sprite sheet, but the paper :waluigi: one needs to somewhat match this one:


I made a Paper :waluigi: sheet, but it's not nearly as good as this one, so I made a :wario: one to match it, but it's just temporary.

So yeah... if anybody else likes making PM style sprites, PM me or just post in this topic. And I am very new, so don't think that I'm stupid for doing this...
I can't actually help you with this or anything, but I would like to make sure you know that preferring PM1 style sprites makes you cool.
Lrrr said:
So you're Bwario? This sheet was made by Bwario.


No, I didn't know who made this sheet until you said his name. I can't sprite that well. :-[

(dangit, on the PCKF we have an emoticon for that exact emotion that perfectly describes what I was feeling!)
Cool! Now I can stop using this piece of trash:


I'll try to give credit if I ever actually post my comic anywhere... right now it's just on my computer, so I can't give credit to anybody because there's nobody to think I made them myself. So... yeah.

SO, does anybody have any DK sprites? I'd like to get some, as I have some Pauline sprites and a story about the original Donkey Kong game would be interesting... somewhat.... :dk: