I Command Ye To...!

OK basic game. Someone gives a command. The player must do that command and say something for the next user that stumbles upon it. However the command has to be something you can physically do, for example:

Stooben: Jump 3 times forward.

*Tucky does that*

Tucayo: Watch TV for 5 minutes

*Ralph does that* and so on.

Not Acceptable:
Ralph: Type like this

*New Super Mario does that*

New Super Mario: Post a link to your favorite website

*BabyLuigiOnFire does that*

Also before you say something you must say, "I command ye to ______"

I will start:

I command ye to Run in place for 3 seconds
I Command Ye to Pick your nose!
BaseballYoshi24 said:

I command ye too call someone and ask if they can come over.

IRL friends? The mere thought is ridiculous!