Interactive Nintendo Adventure Comic


~Massive Fangirl
Hello im gona make these little comic things and at the end of each set of them you guys can give commands and tell the characters what to do or if you want another character to join etc. It can be from mario or link or from any nintendo game that i can get sprites on.

Also i dont own any characters sprites or backrounds.

1. Only 1 command per post.
2. Only a limit of 3 commands after each comic.
3. Rule 2 may change.
4. You may create another story but limit of 2 stories.
5. Crazy stuff can happen but dont go overboard.



Mario and Luigi sit out in there yard waiting for some sort of adventure to happen.
Any commands?

(Notes: I will always add captions
If you want you can tell me to use a certain caption for your command)

Mario - :mario:
Luigi - :luigi:

Character Key:
:eek: - knocked out
:mario: - hero
:luigi: - sidekick
:bowser: - villian
:yoshi: - pet
:wario: or :waluigi: - rival
:goomba: - minor character

Others will be explaned when used.

(Note: You may say what a character is when you make them come.
Ex: Command: "Peach walks over to say high to mario" "Peach is a sidekick, rival etc.")

Ok enought explaining any commands?

Also i thought this belonged in forum games since its kinda like a forum game but if any staff doesnt think it belongs here please move it.
Command: See what Bowser is doing:


Luigi comes up with a idea to go see what bowser is up with. Mario likes this and gets excited.

Command: Goomba kills luigi:


After getting in the castle a goomba attacks luigi.

Command: Luigi dies:


Luigi dies.


Mario - :mario:
Luigi - :boo:
Goomba - :goomba:

Minor characters may leave or dissapear at any time and are only here for a few reasons , sometimes there only for one comic.

:boo: - dead

Dead characters will only be on the character list for one comic. (Note: So unless he comes back he will be off the list next comic.)

I will add the other story soon.
Im sorry i couldnt do that command cause luigi died. (Commads happen in order there posted)

Any commands?
:mario: rapes everyone
Command: Eat a lolipop that turns into a chainsaw:


Mario eats a lolipop that turns into a chainsaw.

Command: Mario Dies:


Mario dies

Command: Revive mario and luigi:


Goomba gives 1ups to mario and luigi.

Command: Thwomp crushes daisy:


Daisy is crushes by a thwomp that comes out of nowhere.


Mario - :mario:
Luigi - :luigi:
Goomba - :goomba:
Daisy - :goomba:
Thwomp - :goomba:

Im ignoring garlic and Quizmo's commands.
Sonic comes on and crushes Thwomp. Daisy dies falls in the grave at the funeral and is buried and forgot about. Mario kills the Goomba that night with the gravestone and Luigi falls out of the window, crushing Peach. Then Sonic comes on and explodes.
:luigi: Despite having fallen out of a window :luigi: survives and goes of to save Princess Eclair