Firin mah Lazah game


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The game is about people who fire their lazahs at other people, which in turn fire theirs at other people. Example:

:peach: Shoop da Whoop fires his laser at Ke$ha.

:tumble: Ke$ha fires her laser at Marth

:dk: Marth fires his laser at Godzilla

OK I'll start:

Shoop da Whoop fires his laser at Rick Astley
Rick Astley's ghost is covered in holy water and dies.

End of game.
This game is destroyed by a massive black hole.

End of game.
I fire mah lazar at Justin Bieber
Technologic Robot said:
Justin Bieber dies. :D :D :D :D :D

You get the Noble Peace Prize.

But then deadmau5 comes out of nowhere and fires his laser at... DR. OCTAGONAPUS!!!

Nothing beats Dr. Octogonapus. FOOL, not even your music can save you now!!!!

OT: The Kangaroo fires his lazer at Porple.

I fire teh lazorz at :bowser: