What's the punishment system around here?

It differs from Forum system to Forum system.
On IP.Board (or IPB, Invision Power Board), for example, warnings are openly viewable for anyone.
As far as I know, both SMF and phpBB hide that from non-Moderators.

The only reason some people get banned without warning, is because they're trolling, spamming, or aren't humans at all.
Super Mario Wiki Forums = SMF.
Believe me, this girl knows where she's talking about.
Every Forum has different rules.
One has a 3-warnings-is-GTFO system, while others use 3 verbal warnings per official warning.
I didn't see so much flame wars here yet, but it could be the verbal warning thing.
Also, include the fact I'm not a Moderator, so I can't give all the answers about rules (although you can also read them, if you wish to know that).

According to the rules:
7. Show respect towards ALL members, no matter who they are. Do not flame people, or bait them into flaming you and don't be a troll. No racial slurs or any type of prejudicial comments.

Source: http://forum.mariowiki.com/index.php?topic=2001.0

Warning System
* An infraction of the rules warrants a warning.
* Being warned more than once warrants a suspension.
* Being suspended multiple times is grounds for consideration to be banned.
*An infraction of the rules, if severe enough, can warrant a suspension in it's own right, or even a ban, especially if it deals with pornographic images or illegal content.
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Well, the question is solved. You can lock the thread, please.
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Even if the original question is solved, there might be another user in the future who has another question about this matter. If the thread stays open, this question can go in here instead of a new thread.

Locking threads for no reason is silly.