your fave legend of zelda specie(i mayhave missed some)


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Lily x

IMO, goron, gorons are awsome, i may have missed some out, i picked species what appear in the three loz games I own(phantom hourglass,spirit tracks, twilight princess), if i have missed any let me know


btw do anouki appear in tp, im up to the desert bit with the poes, anoukis are my second fave!
Gorons are cute!
I know, however on tp they look a bit more scary, i wonder if anoukis are on it if they look really scary, cus thats the case with zelda games cute on ds scary on wii (unless its liknk in that case cute on ds incredibly hot on wii)
Never saw a Goron on a DS, I actually meant the N64 version.
What do you mean?
Feel_Good_Inc. said:
if i have missed any let me know

Quite a few. Spontaneously I can think of the Kokiri, the Deku, the Rito, the Koroks, the Gerudo, and the Sheikah.

I'd say my favourites are the Rito.

Oh yeah, Anouki don't appear in Twilight princess. So far they have only been in the two DS games.
I would have chosen Rito, But it wasn't on there So I chose their Ancestors, THE ZORAS.