3 wikis


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4. The Mario Kart CW Project Wiki, but that one has choosen a totally other path.

How do I count how many articles/pages there are?

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We know which one is the best..and which was the first.

@YamiHoshi: Your's isn't really focusing on the Mario series.


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>>E-102 y
I know that, it's focusing on one specific thing of the Mario series: Mario Kart DS Beta Stuff.


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Welcome to this wiki Jasonx!

However we don't mind the other wikis lying around, they aren't hurting us and, in turn, we're not hurting them. We have no wish to destroy them if that's what you're implying. We'll just expand our content and they can expand their's, so long as they don't steal content, it's OK.


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You mean stealing, like MarioWiki did from DSHack?
It's not that bad, since our content allow stealing, we just call that "spreading the word".