Yoshi Mastar

Koopa Troopa
A place for friends.

If you've never heard of it your living under a rock. Just in case though the links here

Joining is free but you need to be 14. You can post pics/videos of anything but the only thing is some idiots post their addresses or phone numbers. Don't do it. Anybody in the world can see it.

There's over a hundred million members (give or take a few million) and they're from all over the world. So no, it's not only emos and chicks.

Anywho, share your URL and become friends, here's mine. I got Mortal Kombat background music :lol:
...Why do you need one? I mean whats the poiny exactly?
To talk and meet people that have the same intrests as you, express yourself, chat with your friends if they have a profile, advertise anything, show off pics and/or videos, join mini forums about anything you would like, find people who go to the same school as you that have a profile, blog, IM, find local jobs and events, listen to and download music, make an identity for yourself, HAVE FUN
YOUTUBE: Yeah probably
WORLD OF WARCRAFT: Well i've never played it so who knows?
MYSPACE: I guess it looks kinda coo, but a lot of kids at my school seem really into it... if you knew the people at my school "shudder"
I hate to say it, but I have one.