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Just say what hacked videogames have you played recently.

and please don't give links, just say the name so people can just go google it.

I played a Halloween Themed Earthbound rom.


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The last ROM hack I've played, as a Sonic the Hedgehog 2 hack called "Robotnik's Revenge", which is basically a full-fledged boss rush mode. It contains bosses from both Sonic 1 and 2.


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I tried Kaizo once, but I couldn't make the first jump.

Other than that, I think the only other one was an Earthbound hack called HyperBound. It was pretty good.

I've also messed around in Lunar Magic a bit, but I don't think testing my ROM hacks counts.


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My community hack, but not populair: Mario Kart CW.


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There's a good Mega Man 5 hack called "Wily's Dream Space". Wave Man's theme is Gangplank Galleon.


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Actually, this thread is about "hacked games", not about "using codes on games".


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I tried my hand at Kaizo. Lasted about half a second, then hid the razorblades as I watched YouTube videos of people playing it effortlessly.
Super Mario Frustration, did okay at it.
Syobon Action. But I'm a gullible person, and fell for several of the traps. But I suppose Syobon isn't a true hack, more of a harder remake starring a kitty.


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Beside Mario Kart CW, we currently make another, not so ROMy ROM Hack, called Mario Kart CWii.

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Herr Shyguy said:
I tried Kaizo once, but I couldn't make the first jump.
Oh my god

Not Kaizo


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That's what people call "TAS".