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About time there was a thread for this. Anyway, maaaaan am I pissed about that Canucks guy getting suspended for attacking a fan. He was a great RW!!

Also, Blues beat Blackhawks 5-1 :D

If you haven't realized, I love the Blues and the Lightning, the Bruins are... meh.
Please don't double post. Anyways I don't watch NHL that much because Wisconsin doesn't have a pro team. I have been to college like three time though. :D
I keep saying they should put a team in Milwaukee instead of Kansas City.

Hey, BPK, see what we did to Edmonton? 6-1! Not sure who will be in goal against Calgary.
Yeah, Oilers sucked :P

Blues vs. Bruins next week.

Also, what's the Kansas City team?
Finally a thread about hockey! But too bad I can't follow up on it since I don't have TV service and I don't like just watching scores and stats