86 Years Of Greatness.
I created this just so we didn't have to talk about this in the Mother 3 thread.

I currently have not started it yet. So some one else get this started.
For quite a few years now, I've heard many positive things about this game, so I decided to download a ROM and try it out for myself. From the way people've talked about it, one would think that Earthbound was the game of the century, but from what I've played, it wasn't even close. I tried to enjoy this game, but I just couldn't get into it. Its boring, mediocre gameplay just threw me off completely. I probably played the game for a maximum of fifteen minutes or so before turning it off, and never touching it again. I may try the game again someday, but it's definitely not my top priority.
Hey, Solarblaze. Everyone knows.

On that note, Earthbound is my second favorite game of all time.
Like I said, I might try the game out again someday. It might actually be a lot better than I remember it being. For example, I remember thinking that games like Kirby's Dreamland 3 and Kirby 64 were mediocre at first, and they ended up being a lot more enjoyable the next time I played it. It might end up being the same case with Earthbound, especially since I liked the Underchomp battle from Super Paper Mario (which, from what I've read, was inspired by Earthbound's battle system). Plus, the storyline seemed kind of interesting.
I admit, the whole story up to about defeating Carpainter was slow and rather boring, but after that, everything is else runs smoothly.
You know, SolarBlaze, the first segment of EarthBound is easily the worst part of the game; it doesn't get interesting until Paula joins.
It's still fun up until then, but the battle system really shines when you have some nice PSI powers and enough health to make use of the rolling health meters.
Already completed it.

I tried to get the T-rex bat for Ness when I was in winters for the first time.

it helped me with some Boss batles.

sadly, I couldn't get the Sword of Kings.
I tried to get the sword of kings from Super Starmans but they refused to give me any... and I had to give up and continue without it.

Also that means... No Sword of Kings = Battles become a bit more difficult.
I think it's the opposite. I never noticed anything being particularly difficult in my first file before I ever knew it existed.
At this point, I don't care if they re-release it for ds or virtual console. I wouldn't drop 70-135.00 dollars for a SNES copy of this unless I was rich. Crono trigger I would buy on the snes.