Mario Kart DS Friend Codes


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This is where you can post your MKDS friend codes so others on the wiki can hook up with you!

Post in format:

Most Common Character/Kart Combo:
Snaker: Yes/No
Friend Code: ######-######
Status: (Available, Sometimes, N/A, etc)

So mine:

Nickname: Wayoshi
MC Character Kart Combo: Yoshi and Dry Bomber
Snaker: Yes!
Friend Code: 137500-776536
Status: Often

Add another post or edit your post when your status changes, please. :)
Nickname: WARPIPE (get it? War Pipe!)
Most Common Character/Kart Combo: Not Telling
Snaker: Don't know what a snaker is
Status: Have to hack my neighbor's WEP key first
FC: 223425-709228
Character combo: Wario in something
Snaker:Dunno how
Stats at this time of post: 23/24
kart combo: secret!!!
stats at time of post: 135-51
Name: Metal Axe
FC: 283562-171015
Character Combo: Many
Snaker: DIE
Status: 3-3

But I'm only available on certain weekends because my router is too fast.
Whooped, swept, whatever you want to call a 40-20 defeat at the hands of me...

You're still the best competition I've faced on this wiki. You kept up w/ me snaking-wise and I got lucky w/ two blue shells (and you were too late with a Boo on Rainbow Road). Nice job.
thanx but i am better then that, i underestemated you and have played no one as good as you...But i can beat you, trust me...Again, i will play you soon... :twisted:
lol, but i cant wait to play you again...tell me when you have time tho wa...
You're a Rainbow Road expert. (Nice Bob-omb placement!) (We tied)

Can't wiat 'til next time
My favorite course :D Anyway U still have me amazed on how good you are... :D But your record shows that u have played longer, so that is part of it! 8) Ya next time i will actually beat you. Which pretty much means we both have to chosse rainbow road every time. And YESS I can snake, but i get out of control on tight spots. Like DK course. But I will beat you at least once in my life :lol: Tomorrow it is!!!
My money would be on wayoshi!
okay i'll wait (hope you don't mind if I don't hold my breath) :lol:

I'd like to see a reallt good Mario Kart game...
okay MLP3 i watched you race Egyy, and you pwn, my bets on you now.
Wayoshi said:
Great Gonzo said:
okay MLP3 i watched you race Egyy, and you pwn, my bets on you now.
Hey, I PWN nicely too ;)

I'll bet on BOTH of you (against my bro. $$$$)
ya Wayoshi out "pwnes" me, but I will come in with the occasional victory. :lol: Wayoshi uses a higher technique of snaking than I do, so he usually beats me unless we are on Rainbow Road, heh heh.
I think i'll just keep my money...