My 10 Favorite Online Super Mario Games


Hey Mario gamers! Here are my 10 favorite super mario games! Go ahead and check them out!/B]

10- Flash Mario v1.2
You gotta just love the flash remakes you come by for super mario, the mixture of imagination to the original super mario! This game isn’t my personal favorite but I do like it a lot. There are a few bugs you may notice as you play, but keep on going, there are loads of Goombas to kill.

9- Super Flash Mario Bros.
This game is definitely a knock out of an adventure! In super flash mario bros you get to play as both Mario and Luigi (depending on your personal preference of course.) This mario game combines some of the great NES features I look for into a adventurous flash game! Good luck!

8- Sonic in Mario World
Okay so some of you may be saying… “Wait a minute this isn’t a mario game.” Well it is and it isn’t. This great adventure games replaces are friendly heroic plumber with Segas classic Sonic the hedgehog. This game is a lot of fun for both the Mario and Sonic lovers out there.

7- New Super Mario Bros.
It’s Mario in 3d? Well not exactly, New Super Mario combines the real feel and touch of the DS/Gamecube games of Super Mario. While the graphics look good and the gameplay is fairly decent- enjoy!

6- Mario Time Attack Remix
This game is a bit different from most traditional Mario games. Your objective is to race through reach timed level to save the Princess Peach. Be careful because in the process you will run into several obstacles.

5- Bullet Bill 2
I would have included bullet bill 1 on this list, but I prefer the second version over the first. Bullet Bill replaces are classic Nintendo star with well- the ornery bullet that you are familiar with. Crush the Goombas and Koopas of Mario land, but be sure to avoid any platforms and obstacles or else it’s game over.

4- Original Mario Bros.
Yes this is it! If you never got the chance to play the first and original Mario brothers, well… Now you can! This flash version remake is a lot of fun but rather simple at the same time, just keep hitting those POW! blocks.

3- Super Mario Combat
Okay this game is pretty sick… When I first saw the title I thought.. Geeze I wonder what crappy remake of Mario this is? Personally Mario has never had enough action in the games. This Mario Combat games packs a punch with some really sweet moves… You have gotta check this game out!

2- Tuper Tario Tros.
Tetris? No? Mario? No? Tetris and Mario? Yes! Tuper Tario Tros is a combination between that classic puzzle stacking game and are super Nintendo hero- Mario! Really great adventure with extraordinary gameplay.

1- Super Mario Bros. Crossover
What would any Mario collection be without the one and only Super Mario crossover? This game has been the top rated and most played online version of Mario. It combines all your favorite NES characters like Megaman, Samus and more! Each character has their own special moves as they make there way through Mario world.

What are you waiting for? Go try these games out!
Dude, Super mario crossover is awesome. I typically play as bill from Contra.

Has anyone tried Super mario 63, kinda ghetto but still fun.
acmgamers said:
Hey Mario gamers! Here are my 10 favorite super mario games! Go ahead and check them out!
10- Flash Mario v1.2

Don't get me started on this one. The creator tried to make a mario experience, but ultimately failed. You travel through dinosaur land (Or at least a very small portion of it), deafeating goombas and collecting coins for no apparant reason. Your worst enemy here is terrible gameplay. For instance, he doesn't even use the mario jump sprite, The sound doesn't come on until 3 seconds into the "game", and in some cases goombas walk backwards. When you stomp on a goomba, you're levitating in mid-air. The graphics are wonky, the sound is awful, the gameplay isn't very solid, and if you die you go to teh beginning! Rating: 3.5

9- Super Flash Mario Bros.
A perfect example of a good-but-bad mario remake. You journey through dinosaur land as either Mario or Luigi (Yes, you can select which one at the beginning.), who has the same abilities. For some reason the gravity affects them more than the enemies. This remake features better graphics, amazing sound, but still hampered by game play. For instance, i was killed by a fire bar when i was 3 feet away from it. Thankfully you have 10 lives so there's a bit of room for error, but the numerous hazards hamper the experience. If you can ignore those problems, you can find a perfectly average mario remake. Rating: 5.0

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