Mega Man 8-Bit Deathmatch


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Yeah, I read about this on Protodude's Rockman Corner. This is probably the best Doom mod I've ever seen, period.

Also, the last trailer was awesome on so many levels, from the Against the Pressure remix, to Bass and Ballade fighting at 4:26, and whatever else I might have missed.
super-electronic magnet man bzzzzz said:
So it's out today, how do I dowload it?
Some one should give a link to it, when it does come out.
Wow, looks like they finally made a Mega Man copy of Noah's Ark.

Wait, it says something about skulltag, what the hell is that?
Wikipedia said:
Skulltag is one of the multiplayer-centric Doom ports that is based on (G)ZDoom[6]. In addition to client/server networking code, Skulltag includes bots for offline multiplayer games; new game modes such as Capture the Flag, Skulltag, Invasion, Duel, Survival, Teamgame, and others; as well as new weapons, monsters, items, powerups, artifacts and gameplay-modifiers such as Instagib (a spinoff of Deathmatch where all players spawn with a railgun that gibs other players in just 1 shot). Skulltag supports Heretic, Hexen and partially Strife, and the package also includes a server browser, the Internet Doom Explorer Skulltag Edition (IDESE), for joining online games in progress. Skulltag also features enhanced graphics, such as OpenGL rendering (based on GZDoom's renderer), high quality resizing, and support for HD screen resolutions. It also has support for models and high-resolution textures. Skulltag also features its own resources for map editing and such.
I have a few friends who play this game so I host servers for it semi-regularly. It's pretty fun. Haven't finished sorting out the map rotation yet, since I myself have not gotten around to playing on the stages from Mega Man 6.
I host this fairly often now.

Server is called "Pictochat Server". It's passworded since it's just for a site I go to, but if you can somehow guess the password you deserve to play there I guess.
I have a room for members here. It is called "mw". PM me if you would like the password.