Kingdom Hearts 3 Possible Worlds

This is a thread talking about a Kingdom Hearts 3 and the possible worlds that could be in it.
Here is the worlds I think would be awesome in it.
Wonderland(Possibly based on new movie or just continuing off of original movie.)
Deep Jungle(continuing after original movie or where first game left off.)
Olympus Coliseum(With coliseum and underworld both.)
Agrabah(Based on third movie.)
Neverland(actual place not the ship.)
Port Royal(Based off second movie and possibly third too)
Pride Lands(Based on second movie)
Space Paranoids(based more hevily on original movie.)
Disney Castle(same as before games.)
Radiant Garden(same as before games.)
Traverse Town(same as before games)
Twilight Town(Same as before.)
Hundred Acre woods(Minigame world)
Atlantica(Story continues after first movie water and land based gameplay.)
Destiny Island(Beginning world.)
Narnia(First Movie. The kids replaced by sora donald goofy.
World based on Robin Hood(Robin Hood is partner.)
World based on jungle book.(Mogle is partner.)
world based on pocohantas. (pocohantas is partner)
Northe Dame(boased on Hunchback of Nothre Dame.)
A world where many classic disney characters appear such as the seven dwarfs, dumbo, bambi, beast, the disney princesses, Pinochio, and others.
A final world where you would face main boss.

It would also be awesome if these things returned.
99 dalmations(but actually find each individual dalmation)
different keyblade types
Opptional bosses( EXAMPLE=Sephrioth)

These are just my thoughts tell me what you think and if you have any ideas tell me.
I'd like to see some Pixar worlds.

Monsters, Inc.
Nomanisan Island (The Incredibles)
The Axiom (Wall-E)
It would be kind of surreal to see Pixar worlds in Kingdom Hearts... I don't know why, though.

I WOULD like to see New Orleans as a world. Dr. Facilier was practically MADE for a Kingdom Hearts game!
Smashgoom202 said:
It would be kind of surreal to see Pixar worlds in Kingdom Hearts... I don't know why, though.
I don't know, but Tetsuya Nomura (creator of the series) DID say that he's thinking about it.
I'm kind of ify about adding pixar worlds. Do not get me wrong i love ever pixar movie made, but i just can't see it in kh series. But hey they did it withn pirates of the caribean and tron and the weren't even animated films so it is possible.
another world to add is treasure planet. I didn't add it at first because It had been a while sense I seen the movie and forgot how good it was. Your partner would be james hawkins and you would be on the ship and treasure planet both.
Also some other things to add some awesome summons would be morph(treasure planet), The dragon from petes dragon(can't remember name), dodger(oliver and company), stitch(pretty much like kh2) ands others.
Check out this trailer for Dream Drop Distance:

A Hunchback of Notre Dome world? SWEET! I almost think they wouldn't go there... Though now I'm wonderinf if Frollo will be in it, and who will voice him now that the magnificent Tony Jay has passed on.

Also, I hope Oswald the Lucky Rabbit is in this game.