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I am so original that I decided to wirte a fanfiction, yeah. Read and rate.

Prologue: Once again...


Some times ago, there was the Mariowiki. A comprehensive source of information on everything Mario. The wiki was relatively peacefull, appart from the occasional flame war and troll attack. The Mariowiki was only a small part of a greater whole know as the "Wiki World", form the virtually unknow Questportal wiki from the infamous wikipedia, every wiki, may them be edithis, elwiki or wikia, formed a portion of it .

Unfortunately, everything can't alway go smoothly for the Mario wiki gang....

Note: I don't intend this to be set at some point of the life of the wiki.


-So, Wayoshi, what are the result this month? Asked Steve, foundator of the Mariowiki.

-We had a decrease of 50% in edits, sir.

- Wh-What? Impossible!

-The increase in vandalism scared a good number of editors, my lord.

- Um..

Steve was one of the greatest person to have stepped on the wiki world, he was muscular, sympathic and intelligent, and strong, and puppy-loving His relative lack of edits was because he fought great princess-kidnapping dragons in the moutain...

At least, this was what the propaganda tried ot make you believe.

In reality, Steve was a normal-looking human, he wasn't very active because he ruled other wikis and forum, hwoever, the wikian didn't knew that. Whenever he occasionally came by, the mario wiki authority assured to make him unseen.

"I will make a descision that would have taken a great deal of stupidity if it wasn't of the fact that we are in a bad fan-fiction!" declared the wiki leader.
-What is it?

-Recruit our most experienced and active editors to form a group of invincible soldier so we can kcik the crap of that millitary group next to us for no reason! Now scram.

-Yes, my omnipotence.

A really, really, really, really, really, really bad day was about to begin for the wikians.
I did this in a hurry, anf yup, it suck. , it get a lot better.


I want more constructive critiscim, thought.
It's OK. But it sounds a bit like a rehash of... everything else. :smug: Sorry if you didn't mean it to be.
The prologue is a bit of a rehash, I admit , however, I assure that the rest will be a parody of videogame weirdness.
Not bad.
Same. It's was good for you, at least.

It would be ironic/funny if you made a Sprite Comic. very ironic.
Uniju said:
Hmmm.. No offense, but...

It sorta sucks...

It could use some work...

Not that I could do better...

I'll give it a 05/10

Maybe thats a bit high...

It's 8/10 and Uniju, if you joined much earlier, like some time after blahblahblah
I don't understand the last part, Lario. I admit the prologue was pretty bad.

Chapter 1 is halfway done, I should finsih it for tomorrow... maybe.
I realized how bad this prologue was, and seeing how the story went nowhere, I rewrote it, expect the new chapter to be poted in a few days.