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🌻Ashita wa nanika ga kawaru ka na?
One game that you should be anticipating if you are a platform game fan is Sonic Rush Adventure. If you aren't, read on. If you hate Sonic and refuse to believe that this game has a chance, just please don't flame me about it, ok? :)

If already now the everything about the original, skip down a bit

Anyway, Sonic Rush Adventure is the sequel to the successfull and acclaimed Sonic Rush for the DS from back in 2005. Sonic Rush Adventure didn't really introduce anything new to the series, except a new Boost move and the Tension gauge. By pressing Y or X, you can perform a boost, destroying enemies and boosting you to full speed. However, this move requires energy, which is stored in the Tension gauge. Fill the tension gauge by performing tricks and destroying enemies.

Sonic Rush also introduced a new character named Blaze, a cat from another dimension with the ability to control fire. Original a loner wanting to do everything by herself, by the end of the game she learns the importance of friendship (Yes, I know it is cheesy) and returns to her dimension, but Sonic promises that she will return someday.

If you are familar with the original, start reading here

What Sonic Rush Adventure adds to the formula is new, full 3D segments controlled with the touch screen where you will control a selection of watercraft from sailboats to submarines and dodge and destroy pirates on the high seas while traveling between islands. There will also be 3D stages where you can walk around the islands you visit and perform missions, such as gathering materials to build new ships.

So your probably wondering why Sonic is on the high seas fighting pirates? Well, one day, Sonic and Tails are flying over the water in the Tornado, when a malfunction causes them to wash ashore on Southern Island, where they meet a girl named Marine who speaks with an Australian accent. Marine is talkative Racoon who dreams of sailing the high seas. However, her ship is somewhat badly constructed, so Tails helps her fix it up. Tails also build several ships to use to travel around the surronding islands.

However, while out having fun on one of Tails' ships, Sonic runs into a gang of pirates lead by the evil Captain Whisker. These pirates are after treasure, and don't want anyone to stop them. Later, Sonic meets Blaze, who has mysteriously came here from her dimension. All the while, Sonic suspects that he did not arrive on this island by coincidence.

The game is set for a release on September 18th in the US and September 14th in the UK. It has already been reviewed by the Official Nintendo Magazine in the UK, who gave it a high score of 92% out of 100. The game will also support Nintendo WiFi Connection play.

Official website:
Trailer from the Games Convention in Leipzig:
The game phails IMO.
I didn't se much abu it.

But it have PIRATE! Pirate = cool.
The original Sonic Rush PHAILED. TOTALLY.
Tails Doll shall return!
Why? Sega makes the *bleep*ing messes... I mean games.
I for one am happy that Eggman was finally made the main villain of a Sonic game again, as opposed to a lame giant monster.

Still, they'll need to do more than just one good game to change my mind about the series as a whole.
i want this game so badly i cant wait to get it. i loved the first game so much. it was totally awesome.