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Welcome to the WLCON (WarioLoaf Convention)

i have some Mario game ideas that i want ya'all ta comment on

(hope this is on the right topic thread)

Super Mario Touch-Down

a Mario Football game ....

Mario Grand Slam Baseball

a sequel to superstar baseball would be nice.

new chars. - Baby Wario, Baby Peach, Baby DK , Kritter , Big Bob-Bomb , Thwomp King, Goomboss , Chief Chilly , Big Bully, and R.O.B

Warioware FUNKY

DDR style micro minigames

Donkey Kong 64 DS

Remake of the N64 Classic with Dixie and a grown up tiny kong

Mario Ballet Ballroom

Mario and co. do ballet!

what'd you think?
Football one sounds FTW.
It could be cool...

Unless they try too hard to make them "cool" and it end up like Mario Striker.
I didn't paly Mario Striker Charged. But I player Striker one.

The game was good (if REALLY short on the unlockable.) but they tried too hard to make the captain look cool and mean. Mario look he want to chop your head off..
Donkey Kong 64 DS sounds good, but is ruined by moden Tiny, I guess the football idea be okay.
Who cares? :p

Anyway, we arleady got a Mario Football game in Mario Party 8. Although its stupid...kinda..