I can't believe it's not AVGN


Dry Bowser
Retired Wiki Staff
I came across a guy who does "reviews" of the Irate Gamer's stuff. And I like that, it's nice to see what his videos are like without actually giving the greedy bastard views.


Here's two, just as an example:




I have to say, now that I've actually SEEN the Irate Gamer's reviews, I have to say the worst thing about him is that he is just plain unappealing. His voice is dull and boring, while also annoying and irritating (well, at least he lives up to his name sake), and just looking at him makes me want to cringe!

And that's BEFORE I actually listen to what he has to say. His writing skills are mediocre at best, his jokes are either random, out of place, or shameful rip-offs of genuinely talented people like the Nostalgia Critic or the Angry Video Game Nerd, and he keeps contradicting himself, usually in the same video!

Not to mention he is perhaps the WORST video game player out there, or among one of the worst. He picks on stuff that don't even really matter, like the game's title or the cover art, and more often then not, he places graphics at the top of what makes games great! Well, then again, when you look at the amount of pointless special effects in his videos, it's not that surprising that he things visuals are the most important factor. He also clearly has no knowledge of the NES other than what's obvious or what non-gamers would assume, like complaining about what the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles arcade game NES version lacked compared to the original. Obviously, the system had graphic limitations and was only a one-player console, but it kept everything else from the game and even added some levels, but the Irate Gamer just blows all of that off for no apparent reason other than the graphics aren't as good!

Also, apparently, he's never played the Castlevania games because he find the idea of playing Castlevania 3 before the first Castlevania sickening, despite the fact that Castlevania 3 was actually a prequel and thus took place BEFORE Castlevania.

I'll end my rant with something I just did. I send the Irate Gamer a message, but it wasn't hate mail, it was a request. I requested that the Irate Gamer review the game EarthBound. I get a funny feeling thinking of how the Irate Gamer would react to such a game, then getting of the backlash from EarthBound's MASSIVE Internet fanbase for berating it. And make my words, if the Irate Gamer SOMEHOW manages to get his hands on that game, he WILL insult it, for better or for worse! Then again, I feel like he'll just use an ROM and emulator, and won't even bother looking for the actual cartridge, since they're so rare and expensive... Actually, I don't think he'll even take my request at all, but I feel it's worth a shot.

Well, this post has gotten pretty long, but I think I've gotten most of what I wanted to say out there.