Should I?


get some!
There are a number of games I want to download and buy, but the question comes fourth, should I?

First: Super smash bros n64. I want to download it from the virtual console, but is it worth it.

Second: Goldeneye 007 remake. This game looks incredible. All the trailers and screenshots have lead my to believe it's gonna rock but... is it gonna be worth it.

Third: Kirby's Epic Yarn. I havn't really played any of the old kirby games before so I don't know what to expect. The trailers make the game look cool but I've always played Mario games since I was a toddler.

Help me out here guys, I would appreciate it.
About the first, it's worth if you like classic, and aren't used to Melee and Brawl.
About the rest, it's to early to rate about the worth of it.
Kirby's Epic Yarn looks like it's going to work very differently than any of the other Kirby games, which is probably a good thing. The franchise was starting to stagnate, and Epic Yarn looks like a huge step in the right direction.
1. As long as you can get used to the different control scheme and the lack of a side-B move, yes.
2. If you like the original game, than I suppose.
3. Should probably wait 'till it's released and then rent it first.
I would like to wait till it comes out then rent it but they closed all the Hoolywood video's and blockbuster's in my area. Gamefly is a rippoff too so maybe I'll just wait then tyr to play it at bestbuy or something.
1) I like it, though if you are used to Melee or Brawl, this game will get boring quite fast.
2) Never played the original, but I am going to try to get this.
3) YOU. MUST. GET. IT. It is Kirby, who doesn't love him?
Only get SSB64 if you don't have Brawl or Melee. Actually, if you don't have Brawl or Melee get one of those two. The original is only really good for nostalgia these days.