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How many/ what games do you have for a ROM. I like the VusualBoyAdvance to play mother 3 and metroid II, and ZSNES fir Earthbound and other stuff. You?
I've got an NES emulator, an SNES emulator, GBA, N64, though I don't use that much since I have a real N64, and a PS1 emulator with some ROMs I dumped myself.
ZSNES: KDL3, EarthBound, and SMRPG

no$gba:KaTAM and Mother 3
I'm buying my games legally, so the only ROMs I now have are Sonic Rush E3 Prototype, Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Nick Arcade Prototype, Mario Kart DS Beta and several MKDS and SM64DS Hacks.
And as for Emulators, I don't use Emulators for playing, but testing ROMs, which could brick either my DS, or one of my flashcards.
I have a general rule that I will only download ROMs of games that are not currently in publication.
I've got a Wii/GCN emulator but there's no room on my hard drive for any games.
The following emulators I have are:

-Super Nintendo
-Game Boy/Game Boy Color
-Game Boy Advance
-Sega Game Gear/Master System
-Sega Genesis/Sega CD/32X
-Sega Saturn (I can't get this one to work, however. I'm itching to play the Saturn versions of Sonic 3D Blast and Mega Man 8.)
Oh. There's three emulators that I have in mind.

-FCE Ultra

FCE Ultra is also capable of running Famicom Disk System ROMs.
I'd go with FCE Ultra. If you feel the urge to use Game Genie codes for any of the games, though, then I recommend JNES.
Just downloaded Project64 (an N64 emulator).

Right now I'm playing LoZ: Ocarina Of Time. I have several other games.