ATTN: Wayoshi


Thank you based god
Thank you for all the effort you have put in towards the creation and progress of the Mario Awards. You did a great job directing the first three shows. However, times have changed. On November 1st, 2009, you retired from the Super Mario Wiki. Over the next few months, you appointed Stooben and I co-directors of the Awards. You remained a member of the Awards Committee. However, your participation was minimal. You often showed up an hour late to meetings (that is, if you showed up at all). One week, you screamed at me for events that occurred at a meeting you weren't present at, and we had to re-evaluate decisions the rest of the Committee had approved. In addition, Stooben and I basically had to figure out everything for ourselves (aside from a couple of tips for things like image editing and HTML that you provided). Following Mario Awards IV, you sided with Uniju, saying Stooben's A30 presentation, which required a small download (about 70 MB), was poorly done. Uniju's actions, which you supported, led to Stooben and Edofenrir's resignation from the Awards Committee. They provided us with eight of our 50 scripts this year.

Recently, the passwords have been changed for the Marioawards Gmail and Polldaddy accounts. Less than an hour ago, #mwikiawards was dropped. You hadn't been on chat for 30 days. I am now in possession of the channel.

I am sorry this had to happen, but your participation had shrunk to next to nothing. You will still be welcome as an Awards Committee member in 2011, but you will need to take the initiative to sign up on your own. You will be held to the same attendance standards as everyone else should you choose to participate.

Once again, I thank you for all the help you provided in the first three years of the Awards. I'm very sorry about the takeover, but you hadn't been on chat, so I couldn't tell you face-to-face of the Committee's decision. Also, I thank you for being a good friend, and I hope you participate as an active member of the Committee next year.

I would also like to congratulate Super Mario Bros., the new sub-director of the Awards Committee!
Yeah. Hope he doesn't rage again like after that meeting where we changed A11 and A12 nominees.
uh thats really nice and ima let you finish

but wayoshi retired and he told me he doesnt give a shit about this place since its dead etc
He thinks it's dead? Boy, he really doesn't pay attention to this place anymore.
Super-Yoshi said:
wayoshi retired and he told me he doesnt give a shit about this place since its dead etc

I wonder who is going to believe this. :D