Pretend you're playing a different game

Blocked for trying to take out the trash......

While you live in it
I wack you with the seven

My throne
awwwww you got the 90

Sorry I 'm not allowed to double post

if i was though I would say 8,192
##Vote:Ghost Jam
He's in the Mafia!

i don't know are you sure it's Ghost Jam because i'm pretty suspicious of that Baby Mario bloops guy.
or maybe Prince bowser Jr.
As of Saturday, March 29th, 2008, posts made to this forum are not added to your total post count.

It's that simple, guys. No, you didn't lose your total posts here from your count, but
if you've been making useless posts here with dried up games just to get to 1000 posts or more or whatever, now you have no purpose here! How about playing these games for fun instead?

--Wa :yoshi:

UPDATE: All post now currently count. This announcement is now outdated. Still though, try not to make useless posts, guys.

It's in the games board!