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Lily x

ok... i know i have made this post before but always gets ignored
super mario story is a musical what consists of many mario character from mario to peach from f rosalina to bowser jr, the cast is 40+ with a few other non mario characters like the gorillaz and link and zelda.. its not finished yet but any opinions and questions will be great
If a post gets ignored, you don't create multiple threads for it.

And your musical thread doesn't have a ton of replies, but it has a considerable number of views.
its not doen yet, im halfway through the script then i have to do the soundtrack
This is quite possibly the worst not-Mindless-Junk thread I've ever seen.
So it has nothing to do with your insane Bowser Jr. and Rosalina fangirl-ism that they are 2 of the 4 characters mentioned, not Yoshi or even Luigi (well, that would get drseaweed started)..

Oh, and let The Geurillas are there too. Who would have guessed?

I agree with ShyGuy, this is even worse than some MJ threads.
Shyguy: She has another thread for it called "a mario musical".

Merge or deletion would be appreciated.
A...Musical...? How exactly are you going to do it when you finish the script? Do you happen to have 40 actors willing to dress up as Mario characters? Or are you going to make a flash, if so, you would need good skills to actually pull it off, plus you'd still need 40 voice actors. Plus the Gorillaz and Nintendo would not be happy with their copyright infringments. Seriously, you should think ahead about how exactly you are going to pull it off before you actually do it.

Villain11 said:
The gorillas, Rosalina, and Bowser Jr. are in it. Shocker. This is not a good idea.

You realize the total vote is..."It's Rubbish"
If your post gets ignored, do not try to interest us.

The reason we are ignoring it is because we do not like it, because it is extreme fangirlism for Rosalina, Bowser Jr., the Gorrilaz, Link etc.