Poker Night at the Inventory


Dry Bowser
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I honestly did not see this coming... Or even imagined something like this would ever be made, or thought of.
I read that if the game becomes successful enough, it might just become a series. Last night I kept having thoughts of what other characters could play poker with each other...

Like Master Chief, Guybrush Threepwook, the Tick and the Nostalgia Critic. Or even Black Mage, Deadpool, Earthworm Jim, and Bender!

The last one is kind of unlikely, I realize that, but I kept thinking of other characters like Yakko Warner, and people like Yahtzee, before finally drifting off to sleep.

But, yeah, it IS just a Poker game, but the idea of characters like these actually interacting with each other just blew my mind on so many levels that I'm starting to think that anything is possible!
I found a preview of of the game, giving some insight on how the characters react to one another.
I'm definitely not gonna buy the game, but I MUST watch all the interaction and stuff on YouTube when the game is released.
Lame. I'm buying it to show my support for the idea, and in the hopes that my purchase will lead to more games like it.
Who would be playing this game for the poker?!?
Exactly, this game is more about the characters than the actual game, the developers have pretty much stated that themselves.
Because these are video game characters, specifically. Yeah, I know, 3 of the four characters originated from non-video game material, but the whole idea of this game is to see and hear what video game characters say and do in their off time. Telltale just used video game characters that were easy to acquire, since they already did the Sam & Max and Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People series, while the other two have games available on Srream.

Besides, with a Flash video, it's just going to be the same every time you watch it, but in a Poker game, there are numerous outcomes to be had, leading to dozens of possible dialogue depending on the situation.
It is realistic, also. If it was in real life, they probably would do something like poker or a card game in their off-time.