Mario Party board game

yeah he did
New Super Mario said:
don't have imageshack or anything like that, i really want photoshop though
Um.. All you need to do is take a pic, plug your camera into your computer via USB cord, go to, and uploD it.
I've made a Mario Party board myself.


Blue Space - Adds 3 coins to your coin total.
Red Space - Takes 3 coins from your coin total.
Question Space - A Piranha Plant jumps at you and you lose 5 coins.
Star Space - You can buy a Star for 20 coins.
Shop - It is represented by the bag icon at the upper right.

Shop Items: Double Dice Set ($2), Triple Dice Set ($3), Snag Bag ($5) and 10-Coin Hex ($1). At the final 5 turns, you can buy a Star Pipe ($10).

Every player begins with 10 coins.

Have fun! ;D