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Nintendo 3DS Developer
Hi all, it's YamiHoshi (ヤミホシ or UltimatePisman) from, and I bring you, a community based Mario Kart DS Hack.
At first, don't blame me if I post some links to info sites and such, every forum has other rules and guidelines.
However, Mario Kart CW (pronounced as "Mario Kart Cii Wwii") is made, with a goal to provide unplayable tracks being playable.
However, after Mario Kart CW Final came out, loads of stuff were discovered beside just Beta tracks.
Things like Alpha Menu's, Beta items, Beta karts, Beta characters, Beta music, etc. were discovered.
So our goal became: Make the hack as custom as possible.
The hack begun in 2006, as a copy of other's hack.
It became a yearly hack (a new version every year).
We even were first to provide Textured Beta Tracks in the Final ROM.
People around the world contribute their work to the hack, these days.
We even made a discussion thread, info site, and more about it.

Discussion thread
Screenshots and video's

Note: There are some mirrors of Mario Kart CW Final on the internet, but to ensure to be virus-free, only download it from either, or Mario Kart CW Project.
We're not responsible for any damage to your computer, if you download it elsewhere anyway.

Mod Edit: Download link removed.
Technically yes it is illegal to provide the ROM.

Instead of deleting/locking the thread I'm just going to remove the download link. If any other mod thinks it's best to delete/lock the thread though, feel free to.

This is illegal you know.
I saw some other hacks on this Forum, that's why I posted this one.
Otherwise, I didn't post this either.
I don't know about any others, but the Mariomon hack only provided as IPS file.
>>King Porky
Oh, I see.
I didn't know about the IPS thing.
In fact, IPS's can only be used on Windows machines, which makes it useless for me, and some of the other people, making the hack.
I see. Either way, it's fine now.

The hack looks really cool, if I had an R4 or some similar hardware I would try it out but right now all I have is emulators and I don't really like DS emulators all that much.
>>King Porky
Thanks! \(^o^)/
I agree, I also hate Emulators, though.
Ultra bump:
As some people know, Mario Kart CW Project turned into a fast growing Wiki, and it's filling up a lot lately.
Also, the discussion thread turned into part 2, and it's booming.
We eventually opened a yet-not-so-popular Wii version of MKCW, called "Mario Kart CWii", which pronouncement almost matches with "Mario Kart CW", but MKCW is pronounced using a hard "W", while MKCWii is pronounced using a soft "W".