Song Question from Paper Mario


Heya folks! I'm an old Mario fan, as well as a fan of most things. And the other day, I was playing some of my favorite music from different games when I played the theme from the Black Mage Village in Final Fantasy 9. One of my friends immediately asked if the song was from Paper Mario. In usual video game snobbery, I corrected him, but he still swore up and down that he had heard it in Paper Mario. Well, about a day later, I realized much to my dismay, I think he was right. I'm pretty sure there is a song with almost the exact same tune in either Paper Mario 64 or Thousand Year Door.

Here's the link to the Black Mage Vilage tune.

Does anyone else recognize this? If so, do you remember what song it is, so it'll stop bugging me?
It sounds a little like General Guy's theme. Maybe a little Shiver City mixed in there.
Hmm... sounds like a mix.

I reconise some sounds from the jungle part.

It also sounds like princess peaches final theme in some parts...

It does sound familiar all and all.

Oh! and also some bowser castle in there!