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Thanks to Kelt, we're managing to become affiliates of MFGG. This will help us gain more users and guests, thus making our wiki a better sucess. This wiki is very hidden and we need more affiliates. I only found this wiki by my friends direction. MFGG is looking for more affiliates so it should be fairly easy to obtain affiliation.

My point is Steve we need your okay so we can become an affiliate. Also a link banner would really help.


Of course, I still need to talk to Shadowman (MFGG admin) about it tomorrow or sometime soon, so it isn't for sure. But hopefully we can set an affiliation up, yes.

And me too, coincidently; I too found this out from a friend.

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Yay! MFGG being an affliate!

Yay...I found this site...searching the internet.

How tired am I typing at...uhh...9:50...