G4, "TV That's Plugged In"


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lol it sux.

G4, also known as G4 TV, is an American cable- and satellite-television channel originally geared primarily toward viewers aged 12–34, based on the world of video games. More recently, the channel has diverted its focus to general-interest programming that mainly targets viewers aged 18–34, with video games only representing a extremely small part of the channel.

The numerous changes to the network's programming brought on a storm of criticism from longtime TechTV/G4 fans. Many claim that the channel has strayed too far from its gaming and technology roots, and has accused the channel of solely relying on shows like X-Play and Attack of the Show!. With most of the remaining G4 original shows having been severely altered, many saw this as G4's ongoing attempt to be a competitor to other male-oriented networks such as Spike, thus losing any unique identity. The merger and the attempt at male-oriented appeal caused negative reaction on the fanbase's end.


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SO, G4 is gone.

I only watched X-Play and Movies That Don't Suck there anyways.