The Mario Anime

Yuzuha Koopa

Koopa Troopa
What did you all think of the Mario anime?
I saw it in 7parts on Youtube and I thought it was so kawaii! ^_^
I saw some of it, it was pretty good; couldn't really understand why almost every generic enemy was giant-sized though.
Well Uniju

It may not be subtitled. But it's still fun to watch (for me)
I love it when Bowser gets Hearts in his eyes in on of the scenes it's so totally cute!
Bowser totally acts his best in that movie.
Fun Fact: The anime movie is the only non-video game appearance of Bowser where he breathes fire; he doesn't do it anywhere else, be it cartoons, comics, books or manga.
Anime Bowser

Bowser is so totally kawaii in the anime movie! Tee hee hee!

Kawaii=Adorable in Japanese