The Magical Vending Machine!


King Bowser
a fairly simple game. player one takes an item, then player 2 takes that item and uses it somehow and takes another item, and so on.


player one: i take a pie out of the vending machine.

player two: i throw the pie at you, and take a soda outta the vending machine.

Player three: i shake the soda and spritz you with it! i get a keychain.

you can take anything out of the vending machine, and use the item in any way, but mine are just basic examples.

i'll start off with:

I grab a pack of gum!
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Nobody wants to start the magical vending machine, okey I will be the one to start. You get a magic wand but you can not use it to wish for beauty.

I will insert a magic hat, it's white and so it is only for white magic.
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