Ninja Training Story

Yes, I made a Topic on this once before, but im starting fresh again. So far its gonna be the same, just, with more information.

Also, this story is actually a Roleplay done by a few people from another site :P Obviously the first few chapter are from almost a Year Ago, since the roleplay kind of went inactive.

Chapter 1: Beginner Training
At the Ninja Training Tower Many kids come to become Ninja but this year, it’s a bit different. At the Entrance, a 12 year-old girl named Miki walked in, she had long and naturally pink hair. She has a pet Turtle named Mr. Yertenoto. She used Water abilities in Battle and knew telepathy. When she isn’t wearing her samurai suit, she wears a white hoody with faded blue jeans and has blue eyes with long eyelashes. A few seconds later her sister Tiger Lilly walks in. She is 12-years old, has Goldish-Brownish hair, a white dress, a pet Turtle named Danzi, uses Water abilities like her sister and knows telepathy. Suddenly in a puff of smoke, Sensei appears! Sensei wears a Black hooded robe; has a pet panda named Patchy, has mastered all 4 abilities, Fire, Water, Earth and Air and knows Telepathy. “Welcome Students. I am your Sensei, please follow me!” he said. Lilly followed the Sensei slowly with her heart beating like an air pump pumping up a mattress. She then summoned her Inner Ninja and started walking quickly. They stop at the Entrance room. “Sit down” Sensei says as he pulls out the mats and sits on a cushion. Miki sat on the mat. “Today you must tell me your names. What are they? I am Sensei, you may call me Master if you wish” he said. “WAIT!” shouted a boy who was running late. His name is Brant. He has Brown Hair, is funny, is clownish, has Black Pants, a Black Top and is nice to people when they are sad or freaked out. He is 11 Years-old, has a pet Eagle named Rhaith and uses Fire attributes. Lilly ran over to the mat and sat down. She crossed her legs and put her hands together like a prey and bowed her head to the Sensei, showing him her respect. “I am Tiger Lilly, Many call me Lilly. Though master, I mustn’t mind if you call me by my full name. I am a Water Ninja.” She said in a Bell-like voice which sang out like a melody. “Interesting Young Lilly.” He says. Sensei sees Brant run and sit down. "I’m Brant but you can call me stupid! Err... where’s the Brick breaking with Head stuff?" Brant said. Miki’s heart raced, she took a deep breath, and she was over-whelmed. She had never talked to a Real Sensei before. “My name is Miki” she squeaked quickly. Lilly looked up at Sensei’s dusty eyes. “I Believe so” she replied. She then swivelled her head to Brant. “I don’t recall anyone being stupid here. If you were stupid you wouldn’t be here” she said. “Well I’m stupid and I’m here, so you can be stupid and be here! SHUT DOWN!” Brant replied. Sensei looks at Brant and ran lightning speed towards him. Sensei hit Brant right in the chest, sending Brant flying through the air and onto the ground. “SILENCE EVERYONE” he yells. “STAND UP NOW” he yells again. “Could… you… teach me… that speed stuff… ugh.” Brant groans. He then faints. Lilly was startled by the outburst of the Sensei. She didn’t want another ride reply so she stayed silent. She shook herself at the Sensei’s voice and stood up immediately. Brant comes back to his senses. “I have a stomach-ache. It feels like I ate 100 Burgers then threw up.” Brant groaned. “Now you all know what happens when you disobey my rules lets get started.” Sensei says. He Puts his foot on Brant’s body and thrusts him along the ground until he hits a wall. “We will start with blocking!” Sensei shouted. “Lilly, please run at me full speed!” Sensei said. Brant gets up at impossible speeds. “Wow! You HAVE to teach me that. But first, I might learn to block.” Brant said. Miki’s heart raced. She was scared and having second thoughts about becoming a ninja. “Lilly! Help me, i’m scared” Miki attempted to say telepathically but it came out as “Iy! Elp, scar” because Miki had not yet mastered telepathy. Miki then stood up, stiffly like a toy soldier. “Lilly, don’t just stand there…” Sensei yelled. Lilly squinted at the Red Mark on Brant’s head from the hit on the wall. She looked at the Sensei and ran at him at the speed of lightning. “I want to run next! Few bumps on the head aren’t enough to take me down!” Brant exclaimed. Sensei lunged his foot out and swipes Lilly across her thighs. She falls over and slides across the floor. Miki sniffled and began sweating; she was fiddling with her hands and was very nervous. “Now young ones, you must remember to keep your guard up at all times!” Sensei said. Lilly then hits Brant while sliding across the floor making him fall over. Sensei sees his students fallen on the ground and smirks. “OW! I’m not a very good guarder, obviously.” Brant said. “As I said, you must keep your guard up at all times!” Sensei said. “I might actually follow THAT rule.” Brant said. Miki really wanted to demonstrate what she could do but the Sensei seemed like a very serious, strict and stern man. She was afraid she would mess up in front of him. Lilly got up and kicked at the Sensei. “It’s alright, Watch and Learn” Lilly said to Miki telepathically because Lilly had already mastered telepathy. Lilly laughed at Brant when he got knocked down, but mainly laughed with him. “Please, can I demonstrate what I can do?” Miki blurted out. She slammed her hands across her mouth and went red. “Hey Miki! You seem freaked out. What’s wrong?” Brant asked. “Fine Miki, let’s see it. Lilly, Brant, run at her!” Sensei said. Miki began to sweat, she stood in defence position and turned herself as hard as stone. “RUN AT HER NOW!” Sensei shouted as he steps back. “BOOYAA! My time to shine” Brant shouts. He starts to run but slips over. “That was embarrassing” Brant said in his head. Miki made a fast motion with her hands and sent a Tornado of Water spiraling at Brant and Lilly but because Brant slipped it missed him and hit Lilly. “HA!” Brant yelled as he shot a Fireball at Miki but she skillfully puts it out before it hit her. “NO NINJA POWERS! YOU MUST BE A YELLOW BELT!” Sensei shouted. Sensei kicks Miki into the wall and says “TRAININGS OVER” and drops a paper on Miki’s body.


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