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Anyone ever heard of this great series? It WAS a show on Fox, about an illegal cross-country road race with a grand prize of $32M. However, there are dark secrets that each of the contestants have, and the people organizing the race have secrets of their own.

However, Fox killed it after only four episodes, so we never get to see how it turns out. =(
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And here's a video clip showing its awesomeness. Even the title sequence is cool. And to show that it's not just some run-of-the-mill show, it was even nominated for an Emmy before Fox pulled the plug.

I watched all four of the episodes and was very disappointed when it was canceled, I liked it...
I think part of the reason was that Fox didn't take a standard approach to the first few episodes.

They showed the first two on a Sunday, and then the next one the very next day; that's a lot of time for people to dedicate to a new show. If they had taken a conventional approach, who knows?

Bottom line is, they didn't give the show enough time to build a fan base.