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^ - Say if the above poster's statement about you is true or not.
< - Say something about yourself.
V - Say something about the next poster.

^ - no one yet
< - currently has 108 stars in SMG2 and is going for 120!
V - likes Luigi.
^ Totally I always pick Luigi.
< Earthbound fanboy.
V Hates me.
^ - No.
< - wants Paper Mario 64 DS.
V - also wants Paper Mario 64 DS.
^ - Yes, definitely. That would be so cool.
< - Thinks dragonfruit juice kicks ass.
V - Has never had dragonfruit juice.
^ Actually I think I have. I'm not sure though.
< Can't think of any interesting factoids about self.
V Has never played Paper Mario 64.
^ Wrong. I've beaten it eighteen times.
< I've beaten Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door and Super Paper Mario the same a mount of times.
V Hates Super Paper Mario.
^ I used to, but I'm not that much into it anymore.
< Is a Mega Man fan.
V Not a Mega Man fan.
^ - I haven't played much Mega Man, so I can't say whether I'm a fan or not.
< - Thinks Rock Band is better than Guitar Hero.
V - Is not old enough to drive.
^ Nope. I'm not much of a sports fan.
< Is excited about the upcoming Donkey Kong platformer.
V Is also excited about it?
^Not really a fan of the DK series.
<Is listening to "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life".
VLives in the Eastern time zone.
^ Hellz yes bro
< Is excited to see Nintendo's E3 press conference this year
V Had a bagel for breakfast yesterday
^ Nope. Had a sausage biscuit from Bojangles'.
< Has Biology lab today.
V Is on Summer Vacation.
^ I'm on Summer Break, but NOT on a vacation!
< Likes to drink water.
V Posted in this thread.
^ No, everything except Nintendo sucked.
< Was incredibly disappointed when PM3DS wasn't a port.
V Loves Cyanide and Happiness.
^ Yes, I do!
< Thinks Microsoft and Sony might drop out of the industry after this incredible failure at E3.
V Favourite snack is Goldfish Crackers
^ As if.
< Wishes that the new Paper Mario 3DS introduces multiplayer.
V Has no avatar.
^ Yes. ;D
< Is pre'ey tired right now.
V Isn't tired at all.