WWT is Lots of Work

Time Turner

You are filled with determination. (R/GD/TT)
I've been creating articles for a few WarioWare: Twisted microgames, but it's tedious to play a microgame, figure out a way to describe it, create an article about it, and lather, rinse and repeat. Does anybody else have the game and is willing to help?
So do the other Microgame articles - but due to my writing skills regarding on my favorite things during gameplay, "mini-games"; here's an example of my attempt: Crazy Cars

I can try helping, but I'm too busy doing a very deep image maintenance (to delete duplicates, upload new versions, etc), and working on NIWA stuff; even if I'm not posting in the forums very much in the public. :p In addition, real life can be a burden; so yeah.