Fryguy Sprite


Here's the link to my uploaded Fryguy sprite.


The video link is as follows:

Be sure to follow the README concerning the sprite that Fryguy spawns into. My pack includes Fryguy, a fire projectile that Fryguy spits at Mario and the Stalking Flame. Whatever number you use for the Stalking Flame or whatever else you want Fryguy to spawn into in your .txt file you must specify it in your ASM file, which the README details for you.
Randomly spawning shells? No offense, but I think you should have thought up a better method of attack. Like trying to get him to go in the water or something. But something that randomly spawns like that simply screams "I'm not creative!". Even if they came out of a pipe or something that would be better.
Well I was trying to emulate the original Fryguy from Super Mario Bros. and all he does is throws fireballs at a very rapid rate and when he's killed he splits into 4 small Fryguys. One of the differences between the original and mine is that mine only turns into a flame that stalks Mario. Another variation of the Fryguy sprite that I am thinking of is an Iceguy that spawns snowflakes that freeze Mario.

As far as the method of attack in my real game Super Mario: The Epic Journey, I am going to have the shells spawn out of a pipe. Since any shell like enemy will hurt him you can come up with your own scheme to attack Fryguy if you use Lunar Magic and SpriteTool.